Day 20 | Today Election day

Day 20 | Today Election day

Local election, wow a kind of dream after 20 year. Well before 20 years i didn’t know  how was it. Mum use to tell me about the election before 20 year. Since I was small am unknown to it. It was suppose to be in the gap of 5 year for stable government but it didn’t. Lack of election we are under under-developing country.

It is my second time have voted. Voting is our own right. The person who we vote might either win or loose. The person who wins will work on behalf us as they promises before the election. Most of the case they don’t work what they have promised before and will be hated by the public for the next election.

The election being held now is for local body. Local body is a kind of the powerful body where they has to work hard for the development. Local body can only work if we happen to support them. Ya we have to support them and work hand in hand. Development is possible when we are all the way working with them in newer concept. Working older concept might not move ahead for development. Newer  ideas will be enhanced for the development.

Well with in this 20 years it was the era of bureaucracy. It was not under the control of the local people. It was very hard to do a small work. They used to take lot of time where as it might have finished in few hours. Bureaucracy had created centralization in the nation. Now we can feel democracy after the election. I see the development in the country. Wish they will work for the betterment of the society, where they have won the election.

Nepal is divided into 7 state where state 3, 4 & 6 had election in first level today it is being held on state 1, 5 & 7 it is second level election and in state 2 it is been said that it will be held on 2nd of Shrawan, 2074 due to political issues.

In first level election it was held quite peacefully and the result was so good, hoping for the better result then first on in the second level as well.

We have to support our local body and work hand in hand with them, cause they are stable body for 5 years, either they do good or bad.

How was election in your area?
Reply me blow.


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