Day 17 | Saturday my news feed

Day 17 | Saturday good news feed

  1. Today I was whole day in search Startup Vs Entrepreneurs.

2. My news feed today was full of Gorkhaland internet war.

3. 2 international awards n 1 in house  trophy.

Let me talk about Saturday news feed i.e. about Gorkhaland internet war. It is getting growing big viral now. Somewhat new way of war. I rally don’t wanna interfere any word in this topic but what ever is going might best in their own place. One thing is we love our own nation, own culture, our history whatever it might be who ever it might be. Before we talk about other we must know who we are.

But one thing is m sure of that we would have supported you people but… no words.

2 international awards n 1 in house  trophy.

Congratulation to young guns.
ICN at Thailand [3rd place in fitness model open n 3rd place in fitness model novice] non other than Dipu Munikar.

Next my lil champ
Man of the match of 1st Inter-School Home & Away Boys Basketball Tournament organized by Kiritipur Basketball Academy in home game at Swarnim School non other than my nephew, Ankit Munikar.

This is what my Saturday news feed became like


Day 14 | Try Try until you get success

Day 14 | Try Try until you get success

Success comes in CANS, not cant’s!

Ya really, if you get be in success then you get be like trying and trying and trying. I guess am on the way to success cause it is just knocking right front be. As in my first blog I think I have discussed about possible & impossible, ya in the same way the if we say that the thing is could be done, it can happen with trying, positive thinking is keynote towards success.

Most of the people don’t try to solve the problem, they will try to get off the problem and get try be relief. But actually they are not getting off from the problem but they are creating more problem by themselves.

I am working on my dream to become a successful. I can do that nor I wont do that, I believe in myself nor that I doubt on myself. I can, I will have success one day.