Last day

Hello everyone,

30 days past! Blogged for 25 days! Missed 5 days!

Well, Well, Well,

It was all kind of fun enjoying my 30 days, a blog a day. It was more over most learning period. In jest learning is my passion and my hobby what I was doing in this 30 days. I missed my 5 days in this 30 days.

Before I challenge me myself i didn’t know what actually blogging was, Now I can explain what the heck is blog. Writing is not that easy. But I will tried my best. I had lots of

Now onward I will keep on writing good blog choosing best topic.


Day 25 | Five post to drive organic traffic in Facebook

Day 25 | Five post to drive organic traffic in Facebook


  1. Mention that friend whose name starts with “A” must buy you XYZ…
  2. Photo contest
  3. Write the Nickname of your friend and tag them
  4. 90’s kids must remember this
  5. Asking your friends circle to check-in

Day 24 | Exhaustion day

Day 24 | Exhaustion day

4 hour hike at Namo Buddha made us feel very much tiredness and mad all my other colleagues no interest on their work where as they had to complete their own task despite of their lazy time.

Well you guys might be eagerly waiting to see our fun. here is the Link. Please click on the link to see the images.


Day 23 | Official Picnic

Day 23 | Official Picnic

Ya it is really a official picnic cause we say it the picnic organized by office to colleague on the occasion of 12th anniversary of the organization. Well well well the most memorable day of the year.

We had 4 hours hike and while returning back to hotel we were all tired after that 4 hours hike we had to take lift with truck on the way, these young guns were too helpful to us. It was really unexpected to us.

Though our picnic was not accordingly to schedule it was fun being with my colleague. As it was interesting day to spend in such a naturally beautiful place and big monasteries, peaceful place & historical place.

I shall post the image in my facebook and share you the link.

For today goodnight! Sweet Dream guys.

Getting ready for Office 12th anniversary!

1st July is our office anniversary. We are going to have the office picnic tomorrow. After the very long time we are going to have fun this time. We office family were waiting for this long a way.

In the event I will be acting as a coordinator. All the plannings has been made.Games has been planned, gifts has been made, equipment are arranged. I guess am all done. I guess my colleagues would love my planning since i haven’t explained  any thing about the games and the activities we are going to do tomorrow. Most of my colleagues are married and most of them have child.

Well I am all excited for the picnic and the anniversary day. It will be memorable for the life time.

Day 21 | Dahi Chura special day Ashar 15

Day 21 | Dahi Chura special day Ashar 15

Ashar 15 | Dhan Diwas | Dahi Chura Day

Wow Dahi Chura in one of the Nepali delicacy. Today is one of the special day, where almost all the Nepalies celebrate it by having it.

In my view farmer used to have lots and lots of heavy work during this monsoon. In this busy schedule they find out the special day to energize  their body apart from their daily work schedule. They created the special day to eat special food Dahi (yogurt) and Chura (flattened rice) along with fruits and sweets.

This day is also celibrated as Dhaan Diwas and celebrate the day in the field.

Happy Dahi-chura day 🙂



Day 20 | Today Election day

Day 20 | Today Election day

Local election, wow a kind of dream after 20 year. Well before 20 years i didn’t know  how was it. Mum use to tell me about the election before 20 year. Since I was small am unknown to it. It was suppose to be in the gap of 5 year for stable government but it didn’t. Lack of election we are under under-developing country.

It is my second time have voted. Voting is our own right. The person who we vote might either win or loose. The person who wins will work on behalf us as they promises before the election. Most of the case they don’t work what they have promised before and will be hated by the public for the next election.

The election being held now is for local body. Local body is a kind of the powerful body where they has to work hard for the development. Local body can only work if we happen to support them. Ya we have to support them and work hand in hand. Development is possible when we are all the way working with them in newer concept. Working older concept might not move ahead for development. Newer  ideas will be enhanced for the development.

Well with in this 20 years it was the era of bureaucracy. It was not under the control of the local people. It was very hard to do a small work. They used to take lot of time where as it might have finished in few hours. Bureaucracy had created centralization in the nation. Now we can feel democracy after the election. I see the development in the country. Wish they will work for the betterment of the society, where they have won the election.

Nepal is divided into 7 state where state 3, 4 & 6 had election in first level today it is being held on state 1, 5 & 7 it is second level election and in state 2 it is been said that it will be held on 2nd of Shrawan, 2074 due to political issues.

In first level election it was held quite peacefully and the result was so good, hoping for the better result then first on in the second level as well.

We have to support our local body and work hand in hand with them, cause they are stable body for 5 years, either they do good or bad.

How was election in your area?
Reply me blow.

Day 18 | Good Evening with gang

Day 18 | Good Evening with gang

Sometimes spending time with FRIENDS is very much wonderful. After a long time it seemed that time was well spend with friends.

I think that is photo will properly describe how my last evening have been.

And here we go next.

Foodie me be like wow day.

Day 11 | Blog 11

Day 11 | Blog 11

Blog 11 be like “Happy Birthday Suzu”

Ya it was really fun to be at Suzu’s birthday. May all your dream come true Suzu. It was wonderful time to be at her. Suzu is the sister of Susmita maam, who is Susmita maam?  Well that was nice question Susmita ma’am is one of the staff from my office. In gist she is my office mate / sister’s sister. Had an wonderful evening with wonderful time, delicious food an good companion.

Happy birthday to you Suzu.

Wonderful evening!