Day 16 | Startup Founder vs Entrepreneur

Startup Founder vs Entrepreneur

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Who is a Startup Founder?

Differences in Goals

Which one is the best?

I am in search of all these question.



Day 15 | Last evening in Nepal before departure

Day 15 | Last evening in Nepal before departure

Wow its half a way from a day a blog for 30 days. It really feels great that I am half a way done with my 30 days challenge.

Well, Shalu Shrestha, a very good friend of mine, who is leaving Sydney, Australia  tomorrow for her masters degree. She finished her bachelors degree in B.Sc. Nursing from Dr M.V. Shetty memorial trust, Mangalore, India. She was working at Nidan Hospital. She is very energetic and very hard working person and very much ambitious towards her dear. She finds her opportunity and profession in Nursing sector, where as she is been serving herself to the society as far as she could.

Today evening I had got time to spend my time with her and other friends as well. Besides our busy schedule we found out some time to spend together. It was a wonderful evening at Windy Hill, Bhaishipati. After the view of sunset from windy hill we went to a restaurant to have a good food. With good food, good chitchats we came to end of the day.

Through my this blog I would like to send my best wishes. And would like to say after you finish your Degree please return back to Nepal and help in building the nation.

Day 14 | Try Try until you get success

Day 14 | Try Try until you get success

Success comes in CANS, not cant’s!

Ya really, if you get be in success then you get be like trying and trying and trying. I guess am on the way to success cause it is just knocking right front be. As in my first blog I think I have discussed about possible & impossible, ya in the same way the if we say that the thing is could be done, it can happen with trying, positive thinking is keynote towards success.

Most of the people don’t try to solve the problem, they will try to get off the problem and get try be relief. But actually they are not getting off from the problem but they are creating more problem by themselves.

I am working on my dream to become a successful. I can do that nor I wont do that, I believe in myself nor that I doubt on myself. I can, I will have success one day.

Day 13 | Yehppi good news

Day 13 | Yehppi good news

Ya really is very good news to you guys as well as to me. Yesterday’s blog i had mentioned you about the Himalayan Power Partner where it was last date to apply an today they have decided to distribute 12 Kitta to all those who had applied as per It was most happiest  moment to every small investors as like me.

Gradually the Share Marketing growing more and good news as per my hearing all the investors are provided with 10 Kitta every time they apply. I heard that it will be applied  from the next month shrawan. Very Much interesting things are being developed in this economical development of the country.

Sooner if there isn’t any sort of corruption, commission then it will help in development of the country.

I not that good in share but m learning in this field as well.

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Thank you

Day 12 | Last day for Himalayan Power

Day 12 | Last day for Himalayan Power

Himalayan Power Partner

Today is the last day of Himalayan Power Partner IPO application. It had issued 21,30,834 unit shares worth Rs 21.30 crore as part of its Initial Public Offering (IPO) from Ashad 1, 2074 till Ashad 5, 2074.

It has been 3 month that I have been investing on share. It is one of place for investor to invest. It has been more easy now a days to invest in the share. Share market is gradually increasing day by day since I have invested it is been growing each day.

Though am new in this field I guess I have lot to learn any lot to invest on. I think Nepal is a heading towards development looking towards the people investing in the share.

Lets see whether I will get the share or not. I will let you update in 45 days after the result.

How did you like my this blog. Go take a step ahead towards the share and invest.

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Day 11 | Blog 11

Day 11 | Blog 11

Blog 11 be like “Happy Birthday Suzu”

Ya it was really fun to be at Suzu’s birthday. May all your dream come true Suzu. It was wonderful time to be at her. Suzu is the sister of Susmita maam, who is Susmita maam?  Well that was nice question Susmita ma’am is one of the staff from my office. In gist she is my office mate / sister’s sister. Had an wonderful evening with wonderful time, delicious food an good companion.

Happy birthday to you Suzu.

Wonderful evening!


Weekend day 10

Day 10 | Weekend

Hello everyone, Weekend went with such a beautiful starting. Starting my day with meeting held at New Zenith English Model School of New Zenith Alumni Association with the big aim.

However morning was almost fantastic as yesterday we  had the result of SEE ( SLC). All the students had passed their exam with good grade. Nepal has been practicing the GPA system which is one of the good system where students can be evaluated.

SLC to Masters journey, I am more emotionally attached with school and bachelor friends fewer with +2 and i actually don’t know who are my masters friend cause I have rarely been to college.

In the day I had full on rest with out any pressure enjoying my time with mum. At the end of the day attended some of the youth from my society, who are eager to something to the  society. Had a wonderful discussion. I wish to see better output from these discussion. If we work in the team nothing is impossible cause I believe in nothing is impossible.

Till the day I wish am going good, Learning more and more things day by day. I guess it is call as progress.

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Thank you!

Day 9 | TGIF

Day 9 | TGIF!

Thank God Its Friday!
Really Friday is one of the most exciting day among the week. I guess the picture below explains all about TGIF!

Friday is only one of the most happiest day, office workers liked so that tomorrow is holiday and they can go enjoy their leave.

Day 8 | A week of summary

Day 8 | A week of summary

It’s been like 7 days I have been writing a blog. During this week had various activities. Interesting moments were created, learning period, adventurous actives. It been like fantastic week of the year till now.

I have been challenging me myself and also learning more and more things than past. This week more over rafting was getting hanged organized by Mertz Creation. Mertz creation is growing group of people. It is the group of creative people who can be defined as good videography, good photographer, good UI/UX developer, graphics designer, adventurous, brand & many more. Their creativity is on their mind and their feet.

Here is the video & photo of our rafting day.

Where as this week is made me more relaxing, adventitious, enjoyable, learning, fighting for some issues etc.

Some good news are on the way might be sharing if the thing are done.

Thank you

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Day 7 | Wednesday

Day 7 | Wednesday

Digital day. As I was talking about digital marketing in my previous blog & today I will be talking with the same. I guess if you have read my last blog and must have known what digital marketing is. And how is it is done in brief.

Okay, let’s say if you have a firm, your business is going very well. You are having a good profit and your customers are all types young to old, rich to poor, all genders within your area. The all are getting updated with trending world. They are attached to the technology. They are all getting smarter day by day. But you are that kind of person who is not in interested in the growing trending world. Whereas you have been going through all those traditional style of marketing.

Similarly, there is another person start-up who is doing business as yours, but in following the technology. Gradually the people happen to know that business staying at home. He started using technology to upgrade his business. He fully used the means of technology and reached the maximum number of interests of the people. Not only he had maximum number of reach, but he boosted his business higher and higher.

In trending world, it doesn’t mean that old traditional style of marketing won’t work, but it has to be upgraded with newer technology.

Digital marketing is a part of the marketing, but it is growing technology where maximum number of people get rich and will get turned sales. Though Digital marking is the part of marketing it has a big section of its own.

Digital Marketing is all about
– SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
– SEM [Search Engine Marketing]
– SMM [Social Media Marketing]
– Email Marketing
– Websites
– Mobile
– Ad word, etc.

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