Day 19 | Digital Marketing helped me in Graphics

Well, I guess I have discussed about a quote that I believe a lot  i.e.

“Until and unless you start anything you will never face the problem,
Unless you don’t face a problem you will never search for the solution,
When you don’t face the problem you will never learn”

Ya really we get to start something to learn something, in today’s time is learning by doing is most important. It can be defined as like this you have theoretical knowledge but it is never used in practical life then your learning worthless learning.

I wanna share my how I learn graphics by stepping into Digital Marketing.

I had never learn Graphics in life before I have got into this field. Digital Marketing is a huge field cause it consist of many sectors with in it.Very first time I was introduced in digital marketing from Social Media Marketing. Here, pictorial representation is more effective than texture form. In a mean time I was challenged to learn graphics since pictorial is the best form to represent the post.

So for the very first time what I learn in graphics is  cropping the image. It took about half day to crop a file, as I have never taken the graphics design course. Gradually now I have learned a lot with graphics, still have lot to learn.

Good image with good sense of  color combination  with 20% textual will create good vibes that you are trying to present.

Please let me know how my today’s blog is.